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Welcome to The Cloudscape, the online presence of the Blue Mountains Design Bureau.

From lofty heights above Sydney’s skyline, we believe there’s more to mountainside life than bush-walking and fireside chats. Not that we don’t enjoy both those worthy pastimes – we are just way more excited by the daily endeavours of folks who make this locale home. With so many fleeing the escalating costs of city living down below, The Cloudscape celebrates the diverse community the Blue Mountains has become, showcasing the efforts of those who enhance it.

If you’re local or visiting, The Cloudscape will keep you up to date with all things designed, crafted, produced & happening along the Great Western Highway. We’re curious about the myriad ways design informs modern mountains life – from the natural perfection of a bird’s nest to the talented types shaping of our urban environment. Whether it’s cultural events, produce markets, secret gardens or retail therapy opportunities, there’s always something on the horizon. And if we don’t know about it, click here to put it on our radar.

The Cloudscape also reserves the right to digress – we’re not beneath a movie review or a recipe that’s really rocked. And rest assured that anything appearing on these pages is here because we want to skywrite our enthusiasm, not because someone wrote us a cheque. Most of all we hope you, our reader, will help us on our way so be sure to let us know what you would like to see more of.

The forecast is bright; we love living at altitude and invite you to survey the Cloudscape from here.

The Blue Mountains Design Bureau.

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