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What’s Your Creative Outlet?

Prior to relocating my family from the funky burbs of Sydney’s inner west 2 years ago, my perception of the Blue Mountains (having made a total of 3 visits prior to moving) was of floral couches in poky B&B’s, glass cabinets full of trinkets, grannies knitting beanies and an outcrop of rocks that has become incredibly famous and well-visited.

Having now spent 2 years exploring the diverse community and natural environment of the mountains, I have only begun to scrape the surface of the wide range of creators working on masterpieces of all sorts, designing, making and producing with love. From mohair beanies and custom made door stops, to blown glass home wares, light installations and a whole range of wall art.

Presently there are various ways artisans can have their work seen and purchased by the public – in a small number of art galleries and boutiques like Zuri in Leura, or at a number of the popular Blue Mountains markets such as The Bluebird Markets, or on the internet.
Later this year a wonderful opportunity for makers and designers will land right in the middle of Katoomba. From the chaos of rubble and construction will rise the beauty of creation, art, and education. A new avenue for visitors and locals alike to see, touch and experience some of the wonderful creative designs made here in the blue Mountains will be through the shop at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre in Katoomba.

Opening in November 2012, the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre will feature the Blue Mountains City Art Gallery and World Heritage Exhibition, and it is touted that the development will create economic health and add to the cultural vitality of the Blue Mountains region.

However, the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre shop will be nothing without quality, quirky goods to sell. So, if you are one of the hidden treasures of the Blue Mountains creative scene and you want your goods to travel the world in the hot little hands of visitors to this wonderful region, or if you know of someone who had been busying away making and their creations need to be seen, head to the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre website and fill in a submission form. Make sure you read the guidelines and fill out the form correctly or you may miss out on having your designs travel the world!


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