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Perfection in a Pie, Beauty in the Bread

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In a region renowned for its cool climate, knowing the best place to score a hot pie is essential. Here at The Cloudscape, opinion is divided as to where you’ll find the best pie for your money, but for my bakery buck, I’m firmly Team Hominy.

There are four types of pie to choose from, all with a flaky pastry top, the filling nestled in a shortcrust base. Hominy’s selection includes the simple pleasure of the straight mince or there’s a chunky beef, for those of us who refer their pie slightly more substantial. The vegetarians amongst us will enjoy the lentil and vegetable or the hearty brown rice with vegetable, ginger and soy – which is my favourite and I’m a meat eater, no less. For me, these pies are perfection but there are many other reasons to visit Hominy, regardless of the season.

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Owned and operated by Jennifer Ingall, Hominy supplies bread to almost all the Blue Mountains’ best restaurants and you can purchase exactly the same loaves to take home. This is bread the way it was meant to be, using a 23 year old started dough and an 18 hour fermentation process. Organic, plain and wholemeal sourdough is available everyday, as are the white and wholemeal square loaves, yeasted sourdough and authentic french baguettes, in large and small. Additionally, each day of the week has its own signature bread; please see the link (or image) below for all the details. It’s a long list and once you’ve found your favourite, you’ll want to ensure your freezer has some real estate to spare. If you aren’t able to pop in first thing, feel free to call ahead as Jenny and her team are happy to pop one aside for you – the day’s special often sells out before noon.

But if a pie isn’t what you’re craving, there’s tasty tomato and basil pizza slices or chunky sambos, featuring fillings like meatballs and roasted vegetables, falafel and organic roast chook. And if your needs are sweeter, there’s a wonderful selection of croissant, plain, almond and chocolate. Most days, there’s a turnover crammed with whatever’s in season – at the moment, it’s spiced pear. Cakes include the almond based Financier, the fragrant Citrus and Cardamon and a wonderfully decadent Chocolate Truffle. Gluten-free cake eaters aren’t forgotten with the syrupy goodness of the Middle Eastern Orange and Almond cake and a Chocolate Hazelnut cake with iced with Ganache. Individual slices are also available, wrapped and ready to go, how thoughtful is that!

Situated at the bottom of Katoomba Street, near Ha’penny Lane, stepping into Hominy Bakery is a pure delight. The shopfront is always full of temptation and if you aren’t already salivating, once inside, the fragrance will push you over the edge and into your wallet.

Hominy Bakery is open seven days a week, from 6am to 5.30pm. The address is 185 Katoomba St , NSW 2780 and the contact number is 02 4782 9816. Enjoy!

WORDS by Keris Macarthur IMAGES by Camille Walsh

Disclaimer: the writer of this piece worked at Hominy Bakery in 2002. Since that time, she has rigorously taste-tested each product to ensure that each was as good as she recalls. They were. As such, her perspective may be considered biased however, she has also engaged the palates of others in according to provide a more balanced report. She is confident her findings are accurate.


7 comments on “Perfection in a Pie, Beauty in the Bread

  1. Jack Gilling on said:

    Having read your chat with Paul Vane, I am still looking, and what do I find, but an article about what sounds like a very good bakery. I was a baker for over 30 years and had two businesses which were successful in their own way. I am retired now but still retain a very big interest in my trade and always look in baker’s shop windows whatever country I am in.

    • Thanks for your comment, Jack. We feel very lucky to have Hominy in our neck of the woods and hope you might get to visit the Blue Mountains soon!

  2. Fabulous bread and cakes. The best bakery in the Blue Mountains. It is a treat to indulge in their excellent produce!

  3. the best bakery, in the best street in one of the best towns in australia!

    Jen is an amazing boss and with an incredibly generous sense of local community.

    I loved working for her, and was proud of the quality and consistency of the products.

    • Couldn’t agree more! Jen is just the most lovely person and I felt, and still feel, very lucky to have worked for her. Thanks for visiting the Cloudscape!

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