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Focused On The Moment

The lovely Camille Walsh is one of The Cloudscape’s very talented photographers. With her lens currently focused on the Blue Mountains, her photography tells a story that is both beautiful and soulful.


Camille’s childhood was spent in The Channon, in northern NSW, where her father was the principal of the local school. With three magical acres of school playground as her backyard, Camille was inspired to indulge her first creative passion, drawing, excited by the prospect of creating anything she wanted on the clean white paper. At sixteen, however, Camille became enamoured with photography when her father, in the interests of encouraging her creative spirit, bestowed upon his daughter his precious Kodak Retinette.

Having enough technical knowledge to successfully ‘bend the rules’ is clearly evident in Camille’s stirring images. Her photographs, whilst not always ‘technically perfect’, are beautiful and provocative, and contain an expressive depth that is unique.

A visit to Cuba in 1996 was a pivotal moment in her life. The simplicity, yet intense richness of life without the fancy trimmings of the West, inspired Camille to observe life with a serious photographic eye and a warm humility.

Camille has embraced photographic commissions that have given her the opportunity to capture intimate family moments. Understanding innately that photography is an art that reflects life, there is something very comfortable and reassuring about working with Camille.

“When I go through the images after a shoot it really moves me. It’s those moments you get, those precious moments, like a mother holding her baby close… it’s a privilege to be a part of capturing that.”

Mountain life sits well with Camille. The creative energy of the many local artists, musicians, and performers that make up our unique and vibrant community, provide an endless wealth of photographic opportunities, and the immense beauty of our mountain’s natural environment is a constant source of inspiration.

“I feel very much a part of life up here and the local community has welcomed us with open arms. I think we’ll be staying awhile…”


What inspired you to set up Camille Walsh Photography?

It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years but somehow life in Sydney was filled with too many distractions. When we moved to the mountains I found the inspiration and the energy and the time to get it all happening. I guess for most of us, we get to a point where the need to explore our passion becomes paramount and I didn’t want to get to a ripe old age and think “What if…” so, here I am!


Best advice?

Do what you love…


What drives your creative direction?

It’s going to sound corny, but really, just everyday life. Photography is such a wonderful medium for capturing moments that may otherwise fade with time or be lost entirely. There’s also something about it that can lift life out of the mundane and make it beautiful. Being a part of that process is a real joy for me. Also, even though I’m not always photographing nature I find that being here in the mountains and being surrounded by it is incredibly inspiring.


Who inspires you?

So many people but at the top of my list right now is my daughter. I don’t think anyone has taught me quite so much about myself as she has. She’s really inspired me to get things happening and to be much more impulsive.


What’s next on the horizon?

In the very near future, a trip to London. Cannot wait! I’ve spent a lot of time in the UK and am completely and utterly in love with London. Beyond that, I’m not entirely sure. I’m kind of fantasizing that someone in New York will commission me to take photos there, or Paris would be ok too! Back down on a more earthly level, the plan is to continue to develop my business and keep plodding along. Life is good so I look forward to the next chapter, whatever that may be?!


How do you escape from your work?

I’m pleased to say I don’t often feel as though I need to escape from my work, although hours spent editing images on the computer can send me a little crazy. Mostly I like to get out into the garden or go for a walk or hang out with our lovely friends. My daughter and I really love heading out on little adventures, to somewhere we’ve not been before. It’s another thing I adore about the mountains, there’s so much to discover.


What brought you to live in the mountains?

After living in Sydney for the most part of the last 10 years, it was time for a change. Having grown up in a rural area I had the increasing urge to get back into nature and I wanted my daughter to grow up with a similar love of country life. Having said that, the mountains can have quite an urban feel at times but I don’t know, for me it’s the perfect balance and the pace of life here is just right. It’s kind of like the inner west meets Bellingen. And from here, Sydney really is as close or as far away as you want it to be.


Who or what is exciting you right now?

Thermal socks. I do not know how I’ve lived my life up until now without them.


What do you love to do in the mountains?

Sigh! Where to begin? I LOVE meandering around the Blackheath Growers’ Market and wish it was on every Sunday. Bushwalks too. There are so many amazing walks up here.


A great read?

I don’t often sit and read, as much I covet the experience! I have two books that have permanent residency on my coffee table, the kind of books that you can pick up and read bits of when you get a chance… “The Consolations of Philosophy” by Alain de Botton and “The Cloudspotter’s Guide” by Gavin Pretor-Pinney. I highly recommend both.


Your perfect mountains weekend…

Hmmm, a lazy breakfast at Lily’s Pad in Leura, a beautiful bush walk, some local markets, perhaps some live music somewhere… One of the things I love most about our weekends up here is that, without fail, they just kind of evolve into something lovely.


And a little mountains secret?

Now that would be telling…


Camille can be contacted through her website www.camillewalshphotography.com.au


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