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Fun for the kids at the Lake

The Lake is a favourite spot for our family to hang out. Two energetic boys, aged two and four years, need a lot of room to move, and the Lake definitely provides this, along with two playgrounds and the excitement of ducks!

Wentworth Falls Lake was originally created by the damming of Jamison Creek in 1878 to supply water for the steam railway. The current dam was built in 1908 and enlarged in 1910 and 1914. Much of the Lake is surrounded by sensitive hanging swamp, which is listed as an Endangered Ecological Community, and is home to threatened species such as the Giant Dragonfly and the Blue Mountains Water Skink.

The Lake showcases the Blue Mountains’ strong seasonality. In spring, the chance of seeing baby ducklings is a huge drawcard for young and old alike. But leave the bread at home. Apparently feeding bread to ducks can cause all sorts of health problems. Click here more info, including some nutritious options if you do want to feed the ducks.

In summer, you can spot people swimming laps of the lake, but the kids are usually content splashing around in the shallows. Water quality is tested weekly by the local council at this time of year, and the water is best avoided after rain.

Autumn is magical, when the deciduous trees erupt into blazing shades of red, orange and gold.

Even winter days at the Lake are fun, especially when the sun is shining, the air is crisp, and the kids have been cooped up inside the house for way too long. Just rug up and keep moving!

The playgrounds, BBQ’s and picnic tables can be accessed from Sinclair Avenue, Wentworth Falls, and this area is also the starting point for walks around the Lake. The larger playground is a favourite with the older kids, while the “pirate ship” is good for younger ones. The recent addition of a footpath joining the two playgrounds is a huge hit with the kids – just remember to pack the bikes and scooters.

There is a petition to Council to construct a fence around the pirate ship, due to it’s proximity to the road and water, which would allow parents to relax a little more. There is a toilet block at the far eastern point of the Lake, near the pirate ship, but the area would be much improved by the addition of a modern amenities block near the larger playground and BBQ area.


Wentworth Falls Lake
Sinclair Crescent
Wentworth Falls

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